Council and Council Committee Meeting Dates

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Regular Council and Council Committee Meeting Dates can be viewed on the Community Events calendar.


Budget and Audit Committee
Councillor Robinson; Councillor Gnyp 

The Budget and Audit Committee ("Committeeā€¯) will assist KID in fulfilling its obligations and oversight responsibilities relating to financial planning, the audit process, financial reporting, corporate controls, and financial risk management.

FireSmart Committee
Councillor Robinson 

To develop, implement, and maintain a long-term FireSmart program to reduce the threat of wildfire to human life, communities, and businesses within KID within the context of existing management plans and policies.
  • Direct and lead the development and implementation of the KID Wildland/Urban Interface Plan.
  • Support FireSmart public education/awareness initiatives within KID.
  • Promote community involvement in the FireSmart program.
  • Develop and support strong partnerships between all stakeholder groups in the municipality.
  • Secure ongoing funding for FireSmart initiatives through municipal, provincial, federal and FireSmart Community Grant opportunities.
  • Identify and present priorities to KID Council for FireSmart Community Grant funding expenditures for approval.
Telecommunications Committee
Councillor Rodney
To develop a plan for telecommunications infrastructure (i.e., connectivity and broadband) within Kananaskis Improvement District (KID), with the goal of increasing:
  • safety for visitors, residents, and businesses;
  • digital accessibility;
  • economic prosperity;
  • potential revenue sources for KID; and
  • labour attraction and retention. 
Transit Committee
KID Councillor Position Currently Vacant
Joey Young (Alberta Forestry and Parks, Parks Division) - Advisor
Darren Enns (member of the public) - Advisor
Terms of Reference

The purpose of the Transit Committee is to act as a Steering Committee for future Transit assessments and needs within Kananaskis Improvement District (KID), with the goal of: (a) increasing transportation choices primarily for visitors, and as an ancillary benefit for residents and commuting staff; (b) facilitating tourism and economic prosperity in Kananaskis while decreasing the environmental footprint in ecologically sensitive areas; (c) reducing parking congestion and human/wildlife encounters; and (d) reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

To achieve this purpose, the objectives include:

1.      Obtaining a feasibility study to evaluate implementing transit service in KID including a phased service plan;

2.      Reviewing and advising on funding options and grants;

3.      Playing an Advocacy Role with other levels of government to move this initiative forward as a priority;

4.      Liaising with other groups and individuals on transit recommendations and suggestions, and to also act as the liaison between these groups and individuals, and KID Council; and

5.      Exploring partnership options (with governments, private entities, transit commissions, First Nations communities, etc.).